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2016 Psychology Entry-level Jobs in Columbus, OH

Find a 2016 psychology Entry-level Job in Columbus, OH. Are you interested in starting your career with entry-level jobs in psychology? Most likely, when most people consider psychology jobs, they think of actual psychologists. The term “psychologist,” however, is a broad one, since psychologists work in many different ways and in many different environments. In general, psychologists are responsible for studying the behavior and related mental processes of humans and applying that study to perform research, to help others better their lives, or to better understand how and why humans function the way that they do. Some psychologists perform research and use it to write studies, reports, or even entire books. Then, you have psychologists who work directly with patients in private or public practices, as well as psychologists who work in hospitals, government agencies, rehabilitation facilities, and more. Overall and regardless of type, most psychologist make an average salary of at least $68,640 per year.

It might surprise you to learn that the majority of jobs in psychology are in fact school-related positions. In fact, 42,060 psychologists are currently employed in elementary and/or high schools, where they might perform research to help improve the educational process for teachers and/or students, work directly with students who are experiencing difficulty, and more. Those working in the school system tend to be quite well paid and bring home an average salary of $71,730 per year.

Psychology entry-level jobs are also available through private or publicly owned practices. Ideally, most psychologists would like to eventually open up their own practices, but when you’re just starting out, learning under and working with more experienced professionals can be just what you need. There are also opportunities for psychologists to be employed in family service organizations, outpatient care centers, and more.

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