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2017 Radio Entry-Level Jobs in Ithaca, NY

Find a 2017 radio Entry-Level Job in Ithaca, NY. Today, it is not at all uncommon for those with an interest in entry-level jobs in radio to express fear that the positions they’ve always dreamed of holding are becoming obsolete. While it is true that radio isn’t as widely listened to as it was in the past—at least not in its traditional, over-the-air format—there’s really nothing to be worried about. Many people still rely on standard radio for news, traffic, and weather updates or to listen to their favorite songs while they’re on the road. Furthermore, people also listen to online or satellite radio stations, so while your first radio job might look a little different than you thought it would, you can still work in this exciting industry.

Maybe, for example, you’re interested in becoming a radio DJ or an announcer. These jobs in radio typically require you to have a great on-air voice and the ability to think quickly. You might be responsible for sticking to a broadcast schedule, for introducing radio programs and guests, for talking with those guests, and maybe even for making some public appearances for the station. These jobs can be on the competitive side, however, especially now that they’re becoming less common, but there are still opportunities available for those with the right talent and training.

While many people dream of becoming a radio announcer or DJ, other radio entry-level jobs are a lot more common. You could work behind the scenes, writing those catchy lines that the DJs and announcers say as they work, or you could focus on generating advertising and sales via the radio station. In fact, no matter what your skills or your educational background, you can almost certainly be of use in the radio industry!

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Entry-Level Job
Department Media Arts, Sciences & Studies School/Parent Organization School of Communications Division Provost and Educational Affairs Division Employment
Entry-Level Job
Analog/power supply, Radio Frequency (RF), Wireless Communications and Antenna design experience. The electrical engineer will assist in multi-functional...
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Ithaca College
Entry-Level Job
Issue radios, keys and other equipment. Operate two-way radio, cell phone and/or land line telephone. Assume responsibility for coordinating radio communication...