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2016 Research Internships in Chicago, IL

Find a 2016 research Internship in Chicago, IL. Will you be the one who discovers the cure for cancer? Be the next Steve Jobs? If you’ve got an inquisitive mind and a creative spirit, then a career in research might be for you and research internships are a great way to get there. Research is incredibly diverse, so you can choose from a number of areas, and your internship in research will help you decide which one is right for you. For example, if you’re science-minded, you can become a research intern in a lab. It might be good motivation to note that scientists rake in an average salary in the realm of $80,000 and many make much more than this. Internships in research can also be found in company marketing departments. And if you decide this is the career for you, you’ll be happy to know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects “much faster than average” employment growth for market and survey researchers. With an expansion of jobs and a nice salary to boot, it’s hard to say no to careers in research. And more importantly, researchers are the ones that are going to lead us into the future, so if you want to be a part of a thrilling and influential field, get your start by applying to research internships!

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We are looking for event assistants to help run a 2-day market research conference in Chicago on November 14-15 focused on behavioral marketing and nonconscious measurement. This is a great opportunity for current students or recent graduates studying market research, marketing, and psychology or...
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Applications are being accepted for the position of admission representative or assistant director of admission. This is a full-time position providing counseling and sharing of College information to prospective students and parents. This position conducts student interviews on and off-campus, v...
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