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2016 Sales Internships in Irvine, CA

Find a 2016 sales Internship in Irvine, CA. Similar to other business related internships, sales internships allow you to get a feel for the big world of business while you’re still in college. The difference is that in an internship in sales, you learn specifically about marketing a product and the techniques needed to secure a sale. You’ll also pick up new skills like managing sales cycles and pipelines in addition to lead generation through market trends. With a career as a sales representative, you’re looking at an average salary of over $70,000; but even as a sales intern you’ll be making money, since most positions are paid and offer some sort of commission. And opportunities for students are definitely hands-on: for most companies, you will go on actual sales calls and help brainstorm and create marketing materials to support your pitch. Because you’ll be focused on selling products, you’ll learn a lot about the company itself which will help you decide what kind of company you want to eventually work for. For instance, if sales is your passion but you also love computers, you can intern at Microsoft; if you’ve always wanted to work in a creative environment, you can find your niche at a radio or television station. No matter which route you choose, when you intern in sales, you’ll be benefiting not only yourself, but others as well by driving new business.

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ProSky | Irvine CA
ProSky is an energetic, fast-growing Silicon Valley company with a very dedicated, passionate and driven team. We help students and young professionals navigate through today's harsh job-hunting world by placing them in front of companies who are looking to hire. ProSky’s mission is simple: we he...
  • Fall
TAG Energy | Irvine CA
TAG Energy is a privately held sales and consulting firm based in Irvine, CA. TAG Energy was established in 1999 and is looking to expand and exponentially grow our team for our Fortune 500 and Blue Chip Clients! TAG Energy is now offering positions at the entry level for our Human Resources Depa...
  • Easy Apply
  • Immediate

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