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2017 Student Internships in Kansas City, KS

Find a 2017 student Internship in Kansas City, KS. As a connoisseur of your subject in college, you’re a prime candidate for a student internship in your field and overlapping areas. Employers recognize the sheer number of hours you’ve put into studying, say, the tobacco industry’s impact on public health or breaker reclosing diagrams. Not only do student interns approach the job with a solid academic background and (in many cases) research experience, but they also have the foundation to learn and absorb nuances on the job. In a professional setting, the ability to compound new experiences with existing knowledge is crucial for success.

Oftentimes, employers appoint mentors to oversee a student internship. This means that you’ll benefit from a point-person who can help you apply your education to projects that have a direct impact on the success of a company or organization. Many programs are designed to groom student interns for repeat internships or full-time employment upon graduation, so your success is the employer’s success. If you’re a graduate student, your research know-how will go towards collecting data, analyzing your findings, and using the results to redirect the company’s efforts.

It goes without saying that internships for students exist in virtually every field—the possibilities are endless. Conduct a search for an undergraduate or graduate internship that complements your studies, accommodates your academic schedule, and challenges you to apply what you’ve learned to real projects.

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City of Shawnee, KS
This internship opportunity will serve as a training ground for college level students enrolled in a business or public administration program with an emphasis...
While there are no specific educational requirements, a good education, media courses, drama, broadcasting, creative writing, student radio or filmmaking, is...
General Description | SUPPLY CHAIN LEADERSHIP INTERNSHIPlearn. lead. emerge.As a Leadership Intern in one of our supply chain facilities, you will receive
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