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2017 Writing Internships in Los Angeles, CA

Find a 2017 writing Internship in Los Angeles, CA. You don’t have to be William Faulkner to land a writing internship. In fact, it’s a good thing you’re not the reincarnation of a Southern literary icon—employers will need your writing to be clear and concise, two areas where Faulkner just doesn’t cut it! However, internships in writing do require large reserves of creativity to make sure that whatever the message, it’s delivered in a compelling, engaging way that best represents the company and strengthens its brand identity.

The building block of virtually every business is effective communication. The end result is that writing interns have the potential to tackle diverse projects with companies in radically different industries. Write a research grant for a nonprofit organization. Compile vacation tips for a travel blog. Draft product copy for an online retailer. Each assignment calls for a different linguistic register, but in all cases your job will be to marry style and function.

Students who intern in writing may find their responsibilities crossing over into the fields of marketing, advertising, public relations, journalism, and social media. Some gigs also need you to come equipped with technical or scientific knowledge. Whatever the parameters of your internship, you’ll come away with superior skills in writing structure, grammar, and tone—talents that will benefit your emerging career.

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As a Summer Intern you'll be helping RAW launch a new creative content platform. You'll be using your creative writing skills to interview artists, produce interesting stories and publish blogs. You'll have weekly learning tutorials on gaining web traffic to your own work, trend forecasting in a...
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The writing intern will pitch and write informative articles at least 3 times a month. The ideal candidate will be passionate about the content category that he...
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