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The Looksharp Blog competition results are in and with so many fantastic submissions, selecting just one winner was extremely hard. Our panel of experts evaluated each post and while every submission was compelling, Hanna Martin, our grand prize winner, stood out for her post “Oxford Commas and Siam Chicken.”

If you haven’t read the post yet we highly recommend you do so now. It begins with a humorous observation (who knew that an editorial internship came with so much food!), but quickly begins to reveal insights into how the internship position helped Hanna discover a passion for writing, understand how her unique perspective as a millennial made her an asset, and how she advanced her role from basic editing work to ultimately getting a full page write up in the Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living. And while Hanna’s employer may not have embraced the Oxford Comma, we certainly do, so with each job comes different office cultures, brand guidelines, and more.

The Winner:

Oxford Commas and Siam Crispy Chicken by Hanna Martin

Congratulations Hanna on your fantastic post!

Runner Ups:

3 Things I Learned Interning at Tommy Hilfiger in Amsterdam by Alice Fennelly

This post had everything we look for in a great blog article. Starting with the palpable nervous excitement of receiving a job offer… on the other side of the globe and leading into some truly sage advice on how to be both ambitious, but realistic with your workload while at an internship. Kudos Alice on translating so much internship insight into such a succinct and digestible piece.

Speaking Up and Pushing My Comfort Zone with an Internship at MTV by Emily Tantuccio

Emily sums up her blog post with “MTV taught me that being young doesn’t mean you can’t make an impact – and that it’s always worth it to push yourself outside of your limits.” We couldn’t agree more. Don’t sell yourself short at the beginning of your career, if you take this advice now, you’ll find there are very few limits to what you can do with your career.

Honorable Mentions:

Hard Lessons Learned From My Internship Behind Bars by Meredith Ten Eick

While many students set their sights on an internship or job at a brand name company, Meredith shows that what’s most important is to find a job you are truly passionate about. From building her own internship from scratch to overcoming challenges during the job, Meredith struggles but ultimately finds lifelong lessons through the process of helping inmates at a maximum security prison.

How to Seize Unexpected Opportunities and Make the Most of Your Internship by Viru Agrawal

When opportunity knocks are you ready to grab it? Viru explains how his summer plans got turned on their head with a last minute offer to a globally renowned electric power company. He jumps at the opportunity and then makes the most of the experience, sharing the huge amount of internship advice he learned along the way.

Other Fantastic Posts:

As we mentioned at the onset of this post, every student blog that was submitted and accepted into the competition were wonderfully written and contained valuable insight. Just because these are the posts that stood out to our team doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read all the entries submitted onto our blog here. Other posts include what it’s like to intern at a non-profit, at a startup, in media and at news organizations. Be sure to browse the full list of posts and read those that relate to your field and interests!

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